Amazon seller account suspension is a very disappointing scenario. Amazon is such a platform where a seller is required to stay active at all times. The Negligent can be reason for your account suspension. We have created this blog to share a vital piece of information associated with the Amazon account suspended. You have to implement all the required policies in your business to maintain track of business. The problems usually occur when sellers have lack of proper knowledge to move according to the stipulated system.

What are the steps to recover the Amazon seller account?

The best way to recover the suspended Amazon seller account is to create an effective Amazon appeal letter.

  • At the time of preparing the appeal letter, you have to be very cautious in terms of stating all factors.
  • Choose to add a short paragraph in the initial of the appeal letter.
  • State all points in accordance with the guidelines of amazon
  • Avoid making the letter lengthy and use the bullet points to make the letter more comprehensible.
  • Apart from these, you may select to find out the reasons for the Amazon account suspended.

These are the following some reason for your account gets suspended:

Handling more than one account:

If you are thinking to handle more than one. Be cautious Amazon will suspend your account. Amazon clearly states in its policy that operating more than one account is an offense in the view of amazon rather than you want to handle you can apply for an exception to this policy. This is the flexibility provided by amazon but most of the seller doesn’t follow it, which result in the suspension of the account.

Selling banned item:

Amazon has stipulated certain rules to maintain the standard quality of the product. Amazon listed some items as illegal or not safe for use. So avoid selling illegal items.  Amazon’s policy does not remain the same as always. It changing from day by day. So you have to be very careful about the new update of Amazon.

Negative reviews:

We often see a much negative review for the products. These reviews usually ask for refund money or complaining about the quality of the product. More negative reviews might be result in the suspension of the account.Amazon Account Suspended

Seller policy violation:

Amazon is known as the most trustworthy online brand in the world. This is because it has its own strict policy and guidelines for the sellers and favors buyers.  You need to be read Amazon policy very carefully and follow it.

Paid product review:

Amazon wants only real and genuine reviews. It does not want a fake and flaw review. So if you are thinking to boost your sale by paying someone for the positive review. So be alert and careful. The fake review can result in the suspension of your account.

Poor performance:

  • Amazon is somewhat cautious in terms of policy implementation. In case a seller obtains a low score for the customer feedback.
  • The company is enforcing the product content policy as it belongs to the titles, images, back-end-search terms and many more.

Selling and displaying the prohibited products:

Amazon has stipulated certain rules to maintain a standard for product quality. The seller should not touch the restricted item.


The amazon account suspended is the very biggest loss for an Amazon seller. If you want to avoid your self from suspension. You need to follow some proper strategies to avoid suspension. Amazon provides an opportunity to reinstate your account. You have to follow some procedure which is not so easy. You are required to take help from an expert. He will suggest the best.

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