Amazon seller suspension leads to a disappointing scenario. E-commerce is such a platform that stays active at all times. We have created this blog to share a vital piece of information associated with the Amazon account suspended. One thing is sure that you have to implement all the required policies to maintain track of business. The problems usually occur when sellers lack the proper knowledge to move according to the stipulated system. After getting unable to access the seller account, sellers might have to face troubles of several kinds. Therefore the steps to reinstate the Amazon seller account are crucial. We like to stand by our seller customers round the clock.

What are the steps to recover the Amazon seller account?

The best way to recover the suspended Amazon seller account is to create an effective Amazon appeal letter. But it should be according to the plan of action.

  • At the time of preparing the appeal letter, you have to be very cautious in terms of stating all factors.
  • Choose to add a short paragraph in the initial of the appeal letter.
  • State all points in accordance with policies.
  • Avoid making the letter lengthy and use the bullet points to make the letter more comprehensible.
  • Apart from these, you may select to find out the reasons for the Amazon account suspended.

These are the following some reason for your account gets suspended:


Handling more than one account:

If you are thinking to handle more than one be aware amazon will suspend your account. Amazon clearly tells in his policy that operation more than one account is an offense according to the view of amazon rather than you want to handle you can apply for an exception to this policy. This is the flexibility provided by amazon but most of the seller doesn’t follow it, which result in suspending of account.

Selling banned item:

Amazon has stipulated certain rules to maintain a standard for product quality. Sellers are not allowed to touch those products which are on the restricted list. Amazon suspends a seller account if he sells a prohibited item on his website. Amazon listed some items as illegal or not safe for use. So avoid selling an illegal item. No matter how good quality it contains. One more thing you all have to notice very carefully that amazon policy is not remains the same always it is changing day by day. So you have to very carefully for the new update of Amazon otherwise it maybe you have sell any item as the legal item and before few moments Amazons has listed it as illegal. So be careful.

Forged complain:

This one is a very pity reason for getting a suspension. Actually this complaint is quite baseless. When a customer does not happy with their purchase, they filled a forged complaint against the seller. The main motto of amazon is caring for customer service. So amazon suspends a seller account.

Copyright infringement:

Even if you are using your own product to sell but if someone claims it to be his own. It becomes very difficult to solve the dispute between them. So Amazon suspends a seller account for avoiding the dispute.

Negative comment:

We often see much negative feedback on the product listing. This comment usually asks for refund money or complaining about the quality of the product. This causes the suspension of a seller account. So try to handle customers gently after delivering the product if he is not happy with their sale.

Amazon Account Suspended

Seller policy violation:

Amazon is known as the most trustworthy online brand in the world. This is because it has its own strict policy and guidelines established by Amazon which an amazon seller has to agree with it at the time joining. You need to be read Amazon policy very carefully and follow it seriously to avoid suspension.

Paid product review:

One thing you should understand that amazon wants an only real and genuine review. It does not want a fake and flaw review. So if you are thinking to boost your sale by paying someone for the positive review. So be alert and careful.

Poor performance:

  • Amazon is somewhat cautious in terms of policy implementation. In case a seller obtains a low score for the customer feedback.
  • The company is enforcing the product content policy as it belongs to the titles, images, back-end-search terms and many more.

Selling and displaying the prohibited products:

Amazon has stipulated certain rules to maintain a standard for product quality. The seller should not touch the restricted item.


The amazon account suspended is the very biggest loss for an Amazon seller. If you want to avoid your self from suspension. You need to follow some proper strategies to avoid suspension. Amazon provides an opportunity to reinstate your account. You have to follow some procedure which is not so easy. You are required to take help from an expert. He will suggest the best.

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