Are you an Amazon seller? Is your account get suspended by Amazon for any reason? Do you want to unlock the Amazon account as soon as possible? It is very quiet unfortunate for a seller whose account has been locked. My whole sympathy is with them.

We understand the obstacle which a seller suffers. We understand the value of time and money which a seller suffers. But there is success ahead worry. Go ahead from worry and grab the opportunity. After locking of account Amazon gives you an opportunity to unlock Amazon account. Only you are required to follow some procedures accordingly Amazon. Your account will be unlocked.
Today in this article, I will tell you the process of unlocking the Amazon account step by step. I will tell you the reason behind the locking of your account. So read the blog continuously. I have come up with the solution of your all problems.

Firstly I would like to discuss the reason behind locking your Amazon account and how you can unlock it? And what is precaution you should take to avoid further prevention?

The reasons are the following:

Handling More than one account: Amazon has strictly prohibited handling more than one account. If you are willing to handle more than one account. You can take permission from Amazon, If permission is granted, you can handle multiple accounts but without taking permission means you are inviting Amazon to suspend your account. So you should avoid handling more than one account.

Selling the fake product: Amazon has listed some items as prohibited. You need to be very careful during the listing of the product. If Amazon has found any fake product from listing then your account will be suspended, So be careful during the listing of the product. Be careful about the notification, because it may be that yesterday any product is legal for selling but today Amazon has listed that item as illegal. So keep eye on the notification of Amazon.

Negative review: A negative review is the worst reason for your account suspension. If your product listing has the most negative review, it can reduce your sale and sometimes Amazon locked the seller account.

Fake review: Amazon does not want fake feedback but always wants very real and genuine feedback. If you want to boost your Amazon sale and you are paying for the positive review. Your account will be locked by Amazon.

Copyright issue with the product: Amazon seller should use its own product brand, logo, and images while listing the product, but sometimes it has become very difficult to resolve the issue If someone claims to the ownership of its product. So Amazon decides to suspend the seller accounts for avoids from the dispute.

Negative feedback: Feedback is a very crucial part in increasing the number of customers. Before buying a product, the seller should read the feedback carefully. If the customer finds there is positive feedback. The customer gets ready to buy the item. If a customer finds negative feedback then the customer does not get ready to buy. Amazon will suspend your account if you have more negative feedback in the product listing.

Poor performance:

Your performance is measured in these three ways you should maintain to avoid suspension.

  1. Order defect rate
  2. Pre fulfillment cancelation rate
  3. Late shipment rate

These are the above some reason you should avoid for suspension

Now I would like to discuss how to unlock your Amazon account and write the Process of writing an appeal letter step by step.

Step 1- Receive a suspension letter send by Amazon and read it very carefully and know the reason for suspension.
Step 2- Accept your mistake gently according to the suspension letter. Don’t blame others for your suspension ad never blame the strict policy of Amazon always favor buyers and you have already agreed with the term and condition of Amazon.
Step 3- Now it is the time for Amazon to reply you will get a response in two or three days. If your appeal letter is accepted then start selling your product again. But if it is not granted then you need to write do improvement in your appeal letter.


If you want to start selling on Amazon you have to be very careful your minor mistake can cause banned on the account. keep eye on Amazon’s notification always. Rather if it suspended you get chance, don’t get disappointed. Never try to appeal from yourself because an improper appeal letter can completely lock your account. So you need Amazon lawyer experts, who could guide you to unlock the Amazon account. We have a highly experienced lawyer expert who knows every strategy to unlock account so if you want to unlock account dial our toll-free number we help you in unlocking your account as soon as possible.