Do you have negative feedback on your Amazon account? Today in this article, I will tell you, how to remove negative feedback on Amazon. Feedback on Amazon plays an important role in boosting sales or dragging down sales.

It is very annoying for the seller to deal with negative feedback on Amazon. Negative feedback affected the overall rating of your products. Most of the customers scroll down until they get negative feedback to get understand the problem in the quality of the product. Amazon rarely removes negative feedback on the request of Amazon sellers. but there are some to remove negative feedback on amazon.

Now I would like to tell a few steps to remove negative feedback on Amazon from your product listing:

Step 1: Check and analyze the feedback

When you see the negative feedback. Don’t disappoint. keep calm and take a deep long breath. Read the feedback carefully and analyze yourself the reason for the dissatisfaction of buyers.

  • Know whether the negative feedback from real buyers or competitors.
  • What is the reason behind the dissatisfaction of buyers?
  • know, did he write any feedback against the Amazon terms and conditions?.
Step 2: Report to Amazon Seller Support

When you find that the negative feedback is dropped is not all about your product qualities or if the customer is using the vulgar words for you which is against the term and conditions of Amazon. In this circumstance, the amazon seller can simply contact Amazon seller support to remove the negative feedback.

How to Remove Negative Feedback from Amazon

Step 3: Personally, Contact the Buyer

If you find the negative feedback is from the real buyers then you need to contact the buyers directly. In order to contact you need to find his/her contact information. Then you need to tackle the situation.

Step 4: Respond to the feedback in Public

If you aren’t able to reach the buyers directly. If the buyers tell that he would not remove his negative feedback. Then you can respond to those negative feedback through a feedback manager.

Here you are not going to change the mind of the customer but here you can show your business professional with a public reply. Response in a very professional way, in a brief way and courteous. Don’t show your irritation and frustration in your reply.

.Let’s have a look at how negative feedback affects the Amazon seller account?

It is very disappointing for the seller when buyers drop negative feedback for product and service quality.  All activities related to the online marketplace should be done as per the enforced rules and regulations to prevent obstruction in selling the practice.

In case if it happens then try to find the solution with a calm mind instead of losing heart.

How to remove feedback on Amazon:

Being an Amazon seller, if you are receiving negative feedback constantly then they may choose to step ahead for request removal. Amazon doesn’t give any chance when policy disobedience is found by sellers.  As far as the negative feedback is concerned, it directly reflects some issues with either product quality or service quality. In that case, Amazon suspends the seller’s account. I will tell you,


remove negative feedback


From the above articles, you all would have understood very well the procedure to remove feedback on Amazon. Removing feedback becomes so necessary because it came with reputation and reputation is the reflection of the company. Negative feedback is just like a nightmare for the seller but the seller can remove it with the help of proper procedure.

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