Feedback on Amazon seller account is the most important aspect to impact the entire business flow. Amazon sellers require to know how to remove negative feedback from amazon. Sometimes Amazon sellers get overloaded with a series of negative feedback and finally result in Amazon seller account suspension. This is a very disappointing situation for them. In current times, everyone is depending upon online shopping rather than a crowded market.

Brief introduction about Amazon:

The world’s largest E-commerce platform “Amazon” has its own reputation in the market. The availability of such an outstanding online marketplace has vitally helped to reduce the anxiety of common people. The speedy service is another aspect to make them feel too comfortable. Brand selling is, however, is based on certain factors. Amazon is stuck with its growth pattern.  It said that success comes only when you are determined towards your goal. The same applies to AMZ as well. It has been always flexible in terms of offering facilities to buyers. Amazon respects the feedback of buyers and considers taking initiative immediately to work on its flaws. On the other hand, it is fast at taking action if Amazon seller does not abide by its law.

Let’s have a look at how negative feedback affects the Amazon seller account?

Everyone wishes for a good result for the work and so Amazon sellers. But it is dismaying when buyers drop negative feedback for product and service quality.  All activities related to the online marketplace should be done as per the enforced rules and regulations to prevent obstruction in selling the practice.

How to Remove Negative Feedback from Amazon

In case if it happens then try to find the solution with a calm mind instead of losing heart. We would like to share some tips to remove negative feedback on Amazon seller account.

How to Remove Negative Feedback from Amazon:

Being an Amazon seller if you are receiving negative feedback constantly then they may choose to step ahead for request removal. Amazon doesn’t give any chance when policy disobedience is found by sellers.  As far as the negative feedback is concerned, it directly reflects some issues with either product quality or service quality. In that case, Amazon suspends the seller’s account.

You may do the following to initiate for removal of feedback:

There is a certain criterion through which you may think of requests for removal. The feedback denotes FBA items and belongs to the customer service process, thus Amazon believes in reviewing the whole score and includes explanatory notes if it finds the following in feedback:

  • The issue related to product quality.
  • If some wrong word is mentioned.
  • The presence of personal information such as email addresses, contact numbers, and full names.
  • If the problem is related to the price.

Therefore in the first step, consider any of the causes and try to search for more information to allow Amazon to carry on its evaluation process. When it gets completed, then you will get a notification for the final decision of removal via mail.

Secondly, you may pick the initiative to directly contact buyers with a request to remove the negative feedback. However, you might feel hesitant somewhat but you can do it with the help of a buyer-seller messaging service that is available there.

Now to have a consequence in your favor, choose to use quite a professional language at the time of preparing the written note. Try your best to maintain a watchful eye for customer’s concern and ensure them that mistake or policy violation won’t be repeated in upcoming days anymore.

You should stay in favor of using the humble technique to request customers for your concern. Your literal motive should be to keep your customers happy so always adopt a kind way at the time of talking to the customers.

Your every word should have the potential to make customers feel that their feedback has created a sense of understanding to do the needful.

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What you may do apart from the above steps?

  • First of all, scroll down and click onto the option available as View Current Feedback.
  • Specify the buyer’s feedback and then choose the resolve button. You will observe deflection towards the Resolving Negative Feedback page.
  • Make click on the option available as Contact Customer button
  • Further, choose the appropriate subject available in the drop-down menu
  • Later to these, write in short and easy language
  • If you want to add another supporting document, then you may tap on the option lying as Attachment.
  • Thereafter, make click on send email option to share your message with buyer

Reading the buyer’s feedback is the most significant aspect to come to the conclusion of the final decision. Since before taking any initiative, it is necessary to consider over why customers showed their dissatisfaction. This is crucial because, on this basis, you may find a way to come out.

To be careful about Amazon’s policy is the best way to escape from such an unexpected situation.  This is true that not a minor flaw is accepted and simply it leads to Amazon seller account suspension.

Thus it is essential to be careful and also keep taking the reviews of the service as product quality in the meanwhile. This will help to prevent the unexpected scenario up to a great extent.


Amazon expects that its seller to be honest. The policy has been made to establish a fair relationship between AMZ Sellers and customers. Since the business is not a joke, various factors are accountable behind the growth of an organization, so taking all those seriously is important. We are here to guide you on the requirement. Thus call at our toll-free number for removal of negative feedback on Amazon seller account. You may access our service anytime and as per your convenience.

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