Are you an Amazon seller and are you searching a genuine person who can reinstate your account? You are at the right place. Today I am going to tell you how can you reinstate your account. Here in this blog, we will clear all your doubts and problems related to Amazon. I will tell you the process of reinstating your account and proper reinstatement letter. I would like to grab your attention toward the reason for suspension and the process of reinstatement.

You should know that Amazon is very strict and uncompromising about its rules and policies. Amazon has its own image of trustworthy and credible online business throughout the world. This image is not been built randomly throughout the world. It has done many efforts to create this reputation.

Now lets me tell you the reason for the account suspension and we will tell you, how can you avoid yourself from such a mistake?

1) Poor performance:

Amazon calculates your performance by some metric rate.

Your performance is measured in these three ways:

  • Order defect rate:

The order defect rate should not more than 1 %.

  • Pre-fulfillment cancellation rate:

It should be more than 2.5%. If it increases, it will decrease the chances of deactivating account increase.

  • Late shipment rate:

More than 4% required to avoid suspension.

2)Violation of policy:

Amazon has some policy that is made to favor its customer. If you are found to violating any of its policies. Amazon would not tolerate this. Your account will be suspended. So you need to be very careful and attentive regarding policy. You should read all the policies of Amazon carefully.

3)Fake Feedback/Review:

This is also the most common reason for suspension. Most of the sellers get suspended because of fake reviews. If you are thinking to ask positive reviews in exchange for some product or with the exchange of some money. There is much social networking group that is active for the seller for fake reviews. You should avoid those mistakes otherwise you may face suspension.

4)Copyright issue with the product:

Amazon sellers should use their own product brand, logo, and images while listing the product, but sometimes it becomes very difficult to resolve the issue. If someone claims to the ownership of its product. It is not an easy task for Amazon to solve the dispute. So the seller account banned from Amazon. It is known as a matter of copyright infringement. If someone claims ownership of the same item. It becomes very difficult to solve the issue. So Amazon decides to suspend the seller account to avoid any kind of disputes.

These are all the above reasons due to which your account may get suspended. You should avoid such a mistake. You should know that Amazon gives an opportunity to reinstate your account. Only you need the proper procedure of reinstatement service and write a proper appeal letter. Here, I will tell you the proper procedure of reinstatement service and the proper way to write an Amazon reinstatement letter.

There are a few steps to follow that you can reinstate your account:

1-Read the suspension letter and solve the issue accordingly.

2-Write an appeal letter for reinstating your account. Prepare and write an appeal letter to appeal for your suspended account.

3-Then submit your appeal letter along with the plan of action.

4- Wait for the reply from Amazon which is probably you will get in two days. If not, contact the Amazon help center.

If Amazon responds to you that your appeal letter is accepted and your Amazon account has been activated again then you can sell your product from Amazon again. If Amazon responds that your appeal letter has been rejected then you need to update your reinstatement letter again and submit.

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Amazon is a very good platform for the seller but be very careful about the policy and guidelines. being a human mistake is a common thing. Nobody is perfect in the world. If there is any mistake committed by you accept it humbly and ensure Amazon, You are not going to commit it in the future. Don’t ever blame others for your mistake and don’t blame the policy of Amazon for your suspension. And you need to write a proper reinstatement letter for which you need an expert amazon lawyer because an improper reinstatement letter can completely be banned from your account. We have a team of the well-experienced that is accomplished in providing a solution to the Amazon-related issues.

If you need help, kindly dial our toll-free number. We will help in the activation of your account again. We ensure you that your appeal letter will be accepted for the first time. There is no chance of rejection of your appeal letter if our team will be involved.