Amazon is one of the fastest growing online businesses all around the world and it is keep growing continuously. People are showing their trust in Amazon and seller are looking bright future in the Amazon business. It is an excellent business to sell the product worldwide. But as Amazon is growing day by day, the risk of suspension has increased its volume. Most of the seller’s account get suspends or selling privilege gets removes due to suspect intellectual property violations.

Actually, the intellectual property violations result in the suspension of your seller account by Amazon. Firstly you need to contact the seller or company whoever made the complaint against you. Sometimes these companies claim are filled for the precaution purpose. If you will interact with the complainant and give them proof that you are not violating. There is a maximum chance that alleging a person can withdraw his complaints.

Intellectual property violation may be filed when you will violate these 3 categories:


Copyright protects ideas such as written work and even programming code.


Trademark protects the name words, phrase, symbol, sound, and design. Trade dress in a subpart of the trademark which is appearance and the image is of the product in marketplace packaging and labeling are exists in trade dress.


It is for the protection of the idea of invention and technologies.

These are the 3 categories if any seller is found violating among these intellectual properties he may face the intellectual property violation complaints.

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Why is there an increase in Suspected Intellectual Property complaints about Amazon sellers?

Actually, Amazon has given access to the sellers and allows them to file a complaint against intellectual property violations. Amazon does not monitor itself for IP violations.

A seller or complainant can file against another seller if the intellectual property has been copied. Then Amazon will look at his matter on his level. If Amazon finds the complaint is real and genuine. Then the account gets suspend or the selling privilege gets removed.

What will you do if someone filed an IP complaint on your Amazon account?

There are few conditions when you can face an IP complaint about what you have to do individually.

Intellectual Property Violations

  • Many sellers complain when they find the product is similar to their product instead of those similarities are not enough to file a complaint about infringement policy. If you are the victim of such complaints which are quite baseless then immediately you need to contact an attorney to demonstrate to the company that your product is uniquely original and not infringing anyone, IP right. Proving yourself that you are not infringing any policy can reinstate your selling privileges.
  • Most of the time many reputed companies and brand file complain against the seller. If a seller is selling the same product at a cheaper rate than the company. If you get this type of complaint. Immediately you should contact Amazon and provide them an invoice from where you purchase the product proves that you have bought from an authorized seller and you have not violated intellectual property.
  • Sometimes the complaints occurred due to by mistake. If you come to know that the opposite party has complained against you because of confusion or mistake. Then it is very necessary to grab his attention toward his mistake. The alleging company needs to follow all element rule to prove its allegation for intellectual property violations. The alleging company never can prove that you have violated intellectual property. In this way, you can simply prove that there is no infringement. The complaining party will ready to withdraw his allegation. You need to attach a copy of the appeal letter along with the invoice that is enough to prove that you are not infringing on the intellectual property violation.

What if the complaint is legitimate?

In some cases, sellers unknowingly, infringe on the intellectual property of another party. If you are guilty of infringing then immediately removes the product from that listing and don’t ever try to sell that product again. Unless you obtain it from an authorized seller.

If you get suspended because of a legitimate complaint from another seller. You need to craft a plan of action. You need to describe what you have understood your mistake and next time you will not do intellectual property violation.


From the above article, you would have understood what is intellectual property violations? How to avoid it? If you think complaints are baseless, then you need to contact the owner and give them proof that you are not violating any property claims. When your account is suspended because of legitimate complain then you need to write a proper appeal letter. If you will write on your own, the improper procedure can suspend your account. So it is better to take help from any professional. We the Proappeal have a team of expert Amazon lawyer  who has specialization in tackling intellectual property violation for many years. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your mobile phone and dial our toll-free number. We guarantee your 100% of your reinsatatement. If you don’t satisfy. We will make your refund.

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