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How to write Amazon Appeal Letter?

Creating an Amazon appeal letter might seem the hardest section for sellers. Thousands of Amazon sellers are there who face suspension of the seller account every minute. Thus the proper process needs to be followed according to the system. The motive of this blog is to share relevant knowledge with sellers to deal with Amazon account suspension issues.

The upsetting kind of notification comes in the face of an email. It is sent by the Amazon seller performance team to let sellers know about their policy violations. We strictly suggest sellers read the email with attention. Amazon sellers may easily know about the reason for which they are experiencing the removal of seller account privileges.

Now we would like to draw your attention to the most prevalent reasons for seller account suspension.

The inauthentic product complaints:

This is the frequented case that always keeps arising. The considerable issues with these problems include the following:

    • Buyers complain about the product that what they received is not matching with the uploaded or selected product.
    •  Sometimes they make a complaint that they have received a damaged product.
  • Another case arises that they complain about receiving the counterfeit product.

The violation of intellectual property rights:

  • This is the reflection that Amazon has received a complaint from the side of manufacturers that sellers are listing their products for which they are not authorized.
  •  This is the most occurring scenario with the manufacturer of the gated brands.

Another case is the high order defect rate:

It is the most important factor to prevent the Amazon seller suspension scenario. With a view to checking the ODR, you need to go to the seller metrics. Thus you have to click on the performance and then account for health.

The raised late shipment rate:

There is a certain limit of the late shipment rate if it goes high, you might lose the privilege to manage the account.

How you may acknowledge the reason for infringement of the policies?

You must provide the whole details for the mistakes that occurred from your side.

Another step is to rectify the problem:

There would be a requirement to verify the entire details that what has led to such kind of scenario.

 Do talk about the step that you are going to short out the concern of your buyers:

Once again the subject is to understand the reinstatement process for a seller account. You have to be very clear in terms of stating all the facts that demand the Amazon account management process.

Later you have to stop with the clear appeal letter:

The reactivation of the suspended account is only possible with a transparent Amazon appeal letter. You will also need to ensure that what you have prepared is comprehensible enough.


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