The suspension of the Amazon account is a very terrifying circumstance. The seller faces various challenges in the online marketplace. Thus all sellers must have concrete knowledge for the management of  Amazon appeal Letter tips of the Amazon seller account.

Amazon is very strict in terms of its policies. Therefore sellers have to be very attentive while handling the business of Amazon. Amazon seller account suspension occurs only when a seller commits mistakes in terms of the policy violation. Further, sellers need to write an Amazon appeal letter. The Amazon appeal letter is the most important step to get the suspended account back. Thus, it is important to take initiative attentively.

Let us know the tips on how to write an Amazon appeal letter.

Creating Amazon Appeal Letter is not easy task. Many of the Amazon sellers face suspension every day. Thus the proper process needs to be followed according to the system. The aim of this blog is to teach how to deal with the Amazon account suspension issue?

Amazon seller performance team will send email to you, stating the violation you committed. This suspension letter can be most upsetting and distressful for the seller. Sellers need to read the email with attention. The sellers can easily know the reason for the removal of the seller’s account privilege when they read carefully the appeal letter.

Now we would like to draw your attention to the most prevalent reasons for seller account suspension.


Amazon Appeal letter structure for reinstatement:

  • Introduction: There will be the name of the seller and the cause of suspension in the introduction of the appeal letter.
  • know your faults: Accept your fault which you have committed, Don’t try to be personal, be professional and ensure that you will solve this mistake and the same mistake will not occur in the future.
  • Actions: Describe briefly whatever the action you have taken to resolve your issue. Show your concern and dedication. Describe your contribution which you have contributed to the growth of the Amazon business.
  • Prevention: Your first preference is to reinstate your account anyhow. For this, you have to make sure how would you prevent your self in the future? What will be the prevention you will take?
  • Summary: You need to summarise your letter by describing clearly, how you will focus on your business and how will you come up with the expectation of Amazon.

Here are some guidelines to help you in doing so:

  • You should not sell any counterfeit or illegal products on Amazon. Selling a prohibited item can cause suspension of your account.
  • Before selecting the vendor you need to examine the vendor carefully. Know about his authenticity. after checking the vendor’s authenticity then select the vendor.
  • Don’t list the product which is not manufactured by a real manufacturer. Listing the product from manufacturers who don’t have its copyright leads to a vital problem.
  • You need to look after your product performance continuously. If any issue is found there, resolve it.
  • Make sure that the product description is as same as the quality of the product. Create a real description with a real product image. If product and description differ with one another, The customer may ask a refund and he may drop a  negative review on your product.
  • Check the quality of the product before adding it to your listing. So that the customer could receive a good quality product.
  • Don’t handle more than one account. If you want to handle then take prior permission from Amazon. Without taking permission if you will handle multiple accounts. Amazon will suspend your account.


We are here with a  motive is to prevent the Amazon seller suspension. Because it leads to financial problems as well. We know very well that a person learns from his mistake. If you commit any mistake, we will help you, don’t worry. Just dial our toll-free number or drop a message in our mail. We have a team of well-skilled experts amazon lawyers, they know all the strategies to reinstate the account. We will help you with our best to resolve your issue. You can call us on our number. We are available 24*7 a day. We will happy to help you.

Author Details:
MD Zafar (Technical Writer)