Amazon is such a marketplace that enables common people to start their business anytime. The online marketplace is quite sensitive in terms of getting affected by the competition beat. Proper management is very necessary. Amazon sellers should stay inclined towards managing the issue of the suspension as much as possible. You need to follow some tactics for reinstatement when your account is suspended because of copyright infringement on Amazon.

The creation of this web page is for the convenience of the sellers who randomly receive an email notification for their suspended account. Our real concern is to create a smooth platform through which sellers may grow their business incessantly. We have realized that the obstacles in running businesses are beyond tolerance.

What is copyright infringement?

  • Copyright protects the name, symbol, or design, which is used to identify source goods or services.
  • Copyright law protects works of original authorship, such as novels, poems, or musical composition.

What to do to protect yourself from copyright infringement on Amazon:

It is very necessary to be very careful and take some preventative measures before selling products on Amazon. Make sure that the listing is not infringing copyright to any other intellectual property right.

What if someone has already filed a copyright infringement on the Amazon account?

The allegation by any other owner may result in the suspension of your seller account by Amazon. It is better to contact the owner of the company who has made an allegation against you. Tell them you are very serious about the complaint. Our lawyer team is looking into this matter. Please let me know what is your problem and what is the reason behind your allegation?

Try to convince him and request to take back his complaint. There are many conditions which can be solved easily by your effort. Most of the complaints arise when your product looks similar to others but those similarities are not enough for violation of copyright infringement. In this situation, you need to clarify with the complaining person that your product is not infringing on the copyright. It is totally unique and original. Immediately, retract its complaint then you can avoid suspension.

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Copyright Infringement On Amazon

Some time the complain have no base. Your competitor complains against you. if you are selling the same item at fewer rates. You need to contact the company and the authority and tell him that you have bought this product from the authorized sellers and you are not violating any intellectual property.

Prove that you have not infringed and you have met all the requirements as you will prove that you are not guilty of copyright infringement on Amazon. If you will prove then surely the person who has complained against you will withdraw his complaint.

Now you need to write Amazon that the issue is solved. The complaining party wants to withdraw his complaint. Attach the copy of the document along with the plan of action and with invoices which proves that you have not violated any of the copyright policies.

Lets us know the other reasons that cause the Amazon account suspension?

The Amazon account suspension occurs when the company finds a violation of the policies of amazon. It does not tolerate the breach at all. There are a few reasons for the amazon account.

  • The sale of counterfeit products:

 Amazon listed some items as illegal items to sell. If you are selling those counterfeit or fake products your account may get suspended.

  • Late shipment of the ordered stuff:

When the ordered item delivered to the customers gets late then your account may be suspended.

  • The arrival of Amazon’s negative feedback:

Negative feedback is a crucial reason for your account suspension.

  • Promotion of fake products:

Amazon suspends the seller’s accounts if they promote a fake product on their listing. Amazon sellers need to take care of these common factors to avoid unwanted issues of suspension. The proper management of the seller account is required. For this reason, the online platform has become the choice of many people. Thus considering the management of the Amazon account is vital at all costs.


We are living in a technologically advanced era. Now the question is how you will manage if the Amazon account get suspends when someone files complaints against the copyright infringement on Amazon?  Dear seller the account can be reinstate by the team of experts amazon lawyers. We have Amazon lawyer expert team that will help you in reinstating your account. For this reason, we have also made our toll-free number available online for your convenience.

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