Amazon account specialist

Amazon Account Specialist for Reinstatement Services

Amazon is one of the most expanding marketplaces along with millions of users. Whether a buyer-seller everyone is happy with the Amazon. sellers and Buyers trust Amazon’s products and services. For the flawless and trustworthy atmosphere, Amazon has taken some rigid steps that are painful and disturbing sometimes for the sellers. Actually, The strict policy turns out to be the reason for suspension. Amazon account specialist team help to…

Amazon Plan Of Action

Amazon Plan Of Action for the Order Defect Rate

The order defect rate is the crucial performance assessment metrics for evaluating the performance of the seller by Amazon. It is calculated by the total number of defect orders by the total number of orders in 60 days. If the metric exceeds 1 % it might result in suspension. In case, if it is suspended, you can reinstate your account by crafting amazon appeal letter. There are 3 main…

suspected Intellectual Property Violations

Suspected Intellectual property violations

Amazon is one of the fastest growing online businesses all around the world and it is keep growing continuously. People are showing their trust in Amazon and seller are looking bright future in the Amazon business. It is an excellent business to sell the product worldwide. But as Amazon is growing day by day, the risk of suspension has increased its volume. Most of the seller’s account get suspends…

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