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This web page is dedicated to those who are willing to buy an Amazon Seller Account. Certain steps are required to follow systematically. Our Amazon law experts are indulged in offering the relevant service to enable the Amazon and eBay seller to buy the account.

Amazon is capturing the attention of millions because of its attributes. The internet-based platform is preferred by all. There is a certain process through which you may buy the seller account. We have several online platforms like Amazon and eBay. Sellers must know that to get associated with any online marketplace they will require to follow a certain process.

We have created this web page to make Amazon sellers realize that they cannot go ahead of the tasks ignoring the certain process. Many Amazon sellers keep exploring the working methods to gain sufficient knowledge to buy an Amazon seller account. Most often common people don’t know how they have to initiate for buying the seller account.

Steps to selling on Amazon platform:

To start selling the Amazon marketplace is not as tough as it might appear. It enables a large number of sellers to access millions of buyers.  The product might be a big and a small one. This kind of thing doesn’t matter even. Now being a seller you need to focus on following the required strategy.

The first initiative is to register the seller account:

To work as a seller, you will require submitting your information like GST number, PAN and also you need to have an active bank account.

Thus, you have to follow the process of registration. It is important to have a seller central access that is a one-stop portal to sell your product.

Further, you will require uploading a listing:

After the registration process gets accomplished, you will require listing the product. You may prefer to use a certain strategy to go with the procedures.

Once again if you need support with product photography then cataloging is required. You may also take the help of our technicians. They are available to guide you to buy a seller account.

After that customers see your uploaded products and purchase it:

With the help of listing your product on Amazon, you draw the attention of many people. If you have listing fulfilled by Amazon then you may approach for Amazon prime.

In addition to these aspects, you may also prefer to advertise the selected products along with sponsored products and may reach out to more than billions of buyers.

Take the initiative to deliver your product to the customers:

If the order gets placed for one of the products then Amazon considers your activity and offers notification through email. It also uses the seller central dashboard in case if you select by the option available over there.  Amazon takes care of the activities that include storage, picking, and packing.

If you are not related to the FBA feature then we are here to help you with the required services.

Later you may receive your payment after selling process is over:

You may expect for the payment which is deposited by the buyers itself. Of course, there are certain kinds of steps that need to be followed.  To buy a seller account, Amazon seller doesn’t need to get worried as they only need to follow the specific steps. This will result in a positive effect.

What are the methods to register on the Amazon seller account?
  • Get to the official webpage of Amazon.
  • You need to scroll down the page that is available below the heading start selling on Amazon today.
  • Now select the kind of seller account with which you want to get started.
  • You have to enter your email ID and choose to create a new account.

These are some of the steps that combine the whole process to start selling on the Amazon marketplace. Our experts are prompt in terms of offering the guidelines and service to their seller customers.


To buy an Amazon seller account, one should know how they have to conduct the processes involved. We have stated all the relevant processes. Even then if any kind of problems and unexpected circumstances appears then feel free to contact us at the Toll-Free Number. This is a helpline number and stays active 24/7 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the cost of a new amazon seller account?

We offer a fully verified Amazon seller account in only $500.

When approximately will i receive the account?

It takes approx 4 to 5 working days to create an New Amazon Seller account. You will get approved account in 4 to 5 days maximum.

How can i pay for buy amazon seller account?

You can pay with a Credit card, Paypal and Payoneer.