Afflicted by the ban of amazon seller account and Exploring the probability to reinstate your account? You are absolutely at the right spot. We comprehend the value of time and money. In this article post, we’ll suggest how to remove banned on amazon?

Firstly, let me explain the reason for your account banned on Amazon.

Reason for Banned on Amazon

Violation of Amazon’s policy:

Amazon is recognized for its credibility and authenticity all over the world. Amazon fulfills the expectation of its commitment. For retaining the trust of buyers, Amazon does not endure policy violations.

Multiple accounts:

If you want to take care of multiple accounts, You need an exceptional grant for another account. Without taking the permission if you are going to handle more than one account, your account will be suspended.

Selling the illegal item:

There are some items that are listed as prohibited or illegal to sell you should keep a distance from them. Undoubtedly your account will be suspended. If you are found to sell this item which is listed as a prohibited item. So for avoiding suspension, you need to be very careful. Read all the illegal product lists of Amazon and keep eye on the notification of Amazon which product is listed as illegal item by Amazon. If you sell any item yesterday and today Amazon has listed that item as prohibited or illegal. So you need to keep eye on the latest notification of Amazon.

Fake review:

Amazon wants very real and genuine feedback from real customers, it does not want fake feedback. If you are looking to boost your Amazon sale and you are paying someone for the positive review. Amazon is not going to tolerate your account will be banned from Amazon.

Copyright issue with the product:

Amazon seller should use its own product brand, logo, and images while listing the product, but sometimes it has become very difficult to resolve the issue if someone claims to the ownership of its product. It is not an easy task for Amazon to solve the dispute so the seller account banned from Amazon. If someone claims ownership of the same item. It becomes very difficult to solve the issue. So Amazon decides to suspend the seller account for avoids from the dispute.

Negative feedback:

Feedback is a very crucial part in increasing the number of customers. Before buying a product, the customer reads the feedback very carefully. If the customer finds there positive feedback. The customer gets ready easily to buy the item. If a customer finds negative feedback on your product sales then the customer does not get ready to buy. Amazon will suspend your account if you have more negative feedback in the product listing.

Amazon calculates your performance by following some metrics.

There are 3 ways to measure your performance:

Order defect rate:

The order defect rate should not more than 1%.

Cancellation rate:

It should be more than 2.5%if it will decrease the chances of deactivating account increase.

Late shipment rate:

Late shipment should be more than 4% to avoid suspension.

These are the following reasons due to which your account suspended. But don’t need to worry. Amazon gives a golden opportunity to a seller to remove banned from Amazon. Only you need some procedure and need to write an effective appeal letter and remove banned from Amazon.

There is the structure of the appeal letter you need to write in the same way.

1)You have to start with writing the seller name and reason for suspension in your introduction.

2)The next you need to accept your mistake humbly and ensure Amazon, how will you avoid yourself from the future commitment of mistake?

3)Next, you need to describe the plan of action you have taken to resolve the issue. Tell your contribution to the growth of the business.

4)In the end summarize your letter explaining, how you will contribute to the growth of business and how you will full fill the expectation of Amazon. Don’t blame any other for suspension and don’t blame the inconvenience rules and regulation of Amazon. Make sure how will you contribute to making growth Amazon online businesses. Explain briefly what is the step you are going to take to avoid further banned. You need to be very professional.

Now after being written appeal letter apply it and wait for two days. If you don’t get any reply to contact Amazon support services they will assist in a better way.


The seller account ban of the seller account from Amazon is quite unfortunate. An incident for an Amazon seller because it leads to financial problems as well as a waste of time. We understand your problem which you are facing and understand the importance of time and money. So if you are facing banned accounts from Amazon. You don’t need to worry. We have a highly skilled and well professional team to help you.

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