Amazon seller account has allowed several sellers to start their business on this platform. The online trend of marketing has become more prevalent among common people. But we cannot forget that this specific global market is based on the technological factor. Several kinds of issues keep appearing in a fixed interval of time and finally, it leads to the Amazon Seller Suspension.

Facing issues because of inaccessibility to your Amazon account. In that case, an initiative taken for Amazon Seller Account Suspended Appeal might help you to a great extent. We all know that the usage of online platforms for shopping is in trend among common people. That is why it is essential for the seller to stay cautious to find a solution as soon as the account gets suspended.

Firstly we need to understand what is the difference between suspension denied or banned.

  • If you are facing amazon seller account Suspension. It means you have a chance to appeal for reinstatement by writing appeal letter.
  • Denied means your appeal for reinstatement is rejected but still you have an opportunity to submit a revised plan of action.
  • If you are getting Banned. it means you have lost all the opportunity of reinstatement. it is the worst condition that closes all the way to activate your account.

Amazon’s account suspension occurs when Amazon finds the policy breach. Why is it so? The main reason is that Amazon is such a house that does not support policy infringement at all.

We provide the Amazon Reinstatement Service required by the seller customers. What happens most often is that sellers have no idea about the factors included in the policy list of the Amazon. This gradually creates lots of issues later.

For this reason, we have created a guidance source that may help Amazon seller to find the solution following that. Problems also cause financial loss as well with the going time. Our main motive is to create a hassle-free platform on which they may move smoothly.

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Amazon Seller Account Suspension Appeal

How to prevent the Amazon seller account suspension?

There are a few tips you need to follow carefully for preventing your self from Amazon account suspension.

Don’t violate Amazon rules:

No means no. Don’t ever try to violate the amazon policy and its rule. Amazon is very cruel to the seller if any of his policies get violate. Amazon does not tolerate its policy violation. So the basic lesson for you is to follow the policy of amazon set by Amazon. Otherwise, be ready for your account suspension.

Don’t sell the illegal product:

Amazon has listed some items as the restricted items to sell on its platform. Go through the list carefully and don’t sell any illegal items to the customer. If you are found to selling prohibited items Amazon will suspend our account.

Maintain your Amazon metric rate:

Amazon evaluates your performance by metric rate. Amazon has fixed these metric rate minimum if you are not performing well and if your metric rate is not satisfactory your Amazon seller account suspended. Amazon calculates the metric of following below:

  1. Order rate
  2. Pre-fulfillment cancel rate
  3. Late shipment rate
  4. Negative return feedback rate
  5. Late response rate
  6. Invalid rejection rate

Don’t handle more than one accounts:

If you want to handle multiple accounts then take the permission of amazon. If without taking permission, if you are handling more than account your account may be at risk of suspension.

Fake review:

Amazon is very careful. Amazon monitors everything very carefully. If you are thinking to boost paid review on the website Amazon seller will cancel your listing or suspend the account.

Let’s have a look at the techniques of making Amazon Appeal Letter:

Some factors combine the systematic approach to deal with the problems. Preparing an effective amazon suspension appeal letter is the first approach to deal with the Amazon seller account suspension problems.

  • Once you have decided to write the appeal letter, then it is crucial for you to be professional at all costs.
  • Always try to add a short paragraph at the beginning of the letter.
  • Choose to use the bullet points instead of making the statements unexpectedly descriptive.
  • Another thing is that never mention anything wrong about the Amazon quality process.
  • Now after all these, wait for the response from Amazon after the submission.

The global marketplace like Amazon is completely focused on creating a favorable condition for common people. Those who like a shop on Amazon keep looking for some innovations at all times. Several factors have made the Amazon choice of millions.

What about the problems that happen all of a sudden way? Our Amazon law experts work 24/7 hours to seller customers anytime. Dial Our toll-free number with irrespective of the time.

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