Order defect rate is one of the most important performance assessment metric for evaluating the performance of seller by Amazon. It is calculated by the total number of orders defect order by the total number of order in 60 days. If seller defect rate exceeds than 1 % then the result will be in account suspension. In case, if it suspended you can reinstate your account by crafting a amazon  plan of action.

There are 3 main components for calculating the ODR

1-Negative Feedback Rate:

This is the case  happened when a buyer doesn’t get an order on time or found any defect in the product. The buyer can drop negative feedback on your listing. For avoiding from negative feedback, you need to contact the buyers immediately and convince him not to drop a negative review.

The negative feedback is calculated by the number of orders, you have received negative feedback divided by the total number of orders in the relevant period.

2-A-to-z Guarantee Claim Rate:

Amazon a to z guarantee claim for two things the delivery time and quality of the product. If a seller doesn’t get the package in expected time then the customer claim for a to z guarantee.

When a customer does not receive the package in the expected time and after contacting A-to-z Guarantee Claim Rate is calculated by this formula:

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These are some types of claims below which impacts ODR:

  • the Claims is granted
  • Claims which you provided an order refund after filing the claim.
  • Amazon cancel the order that claims will impact ODR.
  • Claims that are under review will impact ODR.
3-Credit Card Chargeback Rate:

Credit chargeback is the request by the buyer to refund his money which can affect your order defect rate. A buyer asks for a refund for many reasons such as for fraud or bad service or for defective goods or when they never receive a refund for return. The chargeback impact your order defect rate.

Amazon Plan Of Action

How to Improve Amazon Order Defect Rate (ODR)?

It is very important to maintain ODR rate, if it higher than 1 % then you will lose the chance to win buy box. And your account may also face suspension to reinstate your account a you requires a proper plan of action to submit to Amazon within 17 days.

For preventing your account from suspension, it is necessary to maintain ODR. The most common reason for influencing is a to z claim and negative feedback that  why it is very important to be careful and check the review time to time and response it immediately.

These are the metric rate below you should maintain for avoiding from order defect rate:

  • Late shipment rate should be below 4 percent.
  • Pre-fulfillment cancel rate should be Below 2.5 percent.
  • Order defect rate should be below 1 percent.

Following are some key segments which can help to keep Amazon Order defect rate low:

  • for describe item precisely
  • To sell high-quality items
  • To pack the product excellent
  • for responding to buyer’s messages instantly

How to write Amazon plan of action:

If your selling privileged has been removed or your account has been suspended? Then you can reinstate your account by crafting a good amazon plan of action. The proper plan of action can get your selling privileges back.

Now I would like to tell how to write Amazon plan of action step by step:-

The first thing is that you need to accept all claims and resolve all the problem which are pending at the stage of Amazon. In the plan of action, you need to mention that you have made a change in the description of the product and now we are selling exact products to our customer.

Make a promise that this mistake will not happen in the future and we will prove a proper description for the product so that can specify the real product and we are selling exactly product


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