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You have stepped at the right place, if exploring the amazon appeal services. The appeal services include a certain kind of strategy that works efficiently for seller account reinstatement. This web page will tell you all the techniques for  preparing an effective Amazon appeal letter.

The amazon is one of the fastest online platform which serves enormous number of people. Our Amazon experts are continue researching the techniques to deal with the seller’s concern. .

Being a seller in Amazon you have to understand the following terms:

Suspension: It means that Amazon has suspended your account. But still you get a chance to appeal. Only you need to craft a proper plan of action.

Denied:When your appeal is rejected, it is known as denied. But you get one more chance to submit a plan of action

Banned: This is the worst scenario in all, if your appeal fails two times, then you reachs at the stage of banned and you lose the opportunity to reinstate.

What should be the correct method to write an Amazon appeal letter?

  • Amazon seller may initiate to write an Amazon appeal letter taking some specific points into view.
  • You have to act quite professionally and avoid adding any irrelevant points.
  • You need to keep your statement simple and according to the collected facts.
  • Always prefer to use bullet points and leave the statement short.
  • Select to add the short paragraph so that readers may develop a sense of understanding regarding your subject.
  • You don’t need to add any extra matter in the appeal letter.
  • Stay attentive to keep yourself separate from blaming to buyers.

There are some following numerous reason for removing selling privileges:

Poor performance

Amazon measures your selling performance by the metric rate. You need to maintain your performance. If you perform poor then your selling privilege can be removed by Amazon.

Violated rule

Amazon has some rules and policies which you have agreed at the time of joining. Don’t ever violate those rules and policy of amazon..

Selling restricted item

Amazon has listed some products in the restricted category. You need to be very careful during listing products. If you are found selling a restricted item then your account may be suspended.

Amazon Appeal Services

The thing you should never do after amazon account suspension:

Don’t panic:

Suspension of amazon seller account is not final. You get a chance to reinstate it. But you need proper plan of action. If you will be trapped in fear you won’t be able to write an effective plan of action. So be confident during crafting the plan of action

Don’t blame the buyers or amazon policy:

Never blame buyers or amazon policy for your suspension. Accept your mistake and ensure Amazon that you will not commit the same  mistake in the future. Most of the amazon seller blames the buyer or amazons policies for their suspension.

Don’t open a new account:

Don’t open new account when you get suspend because it is prohibited.if you are going to open a new account it will damage your amazon appeal service.

You should know the Suspension types we’ve successfully appealed:

  • Inauthentic product claims
  • Counterfeit product claims
  • Used product sold as new
  • IP counterfeit infringement
  • Trademark infringement
  • Copyright infringement
  • Late shipment rate
  • Order defect rate
  • Linked accounts
  • Safety complaints
  • Forged and manipulated documents
  • Review manipulation

What do you need to do more?

As we know, Amazon is known for its strict rules and guidelines. If any seller is found violating the rule. Amazon removes selling privileges and sets an example of being the best in the e-commerce world. We at this edge of the service platform are inclined to offer the appeal service to Amazon sellers immediately on their requirements. The different online marketplace has a strategy of management. Our toll-free number stays accessible 24/7 hours. Therefore Amazon sellers may approach our experts anytime according to their requirements.  We keep making an effort to add more value to our amazon appeal services facilities.

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