Amazon is one of the most expanding marketplaces along with millions of users. Whether a buyer-seller everyone is happy with the Amazon. sellers and Buyers trust Amazon’s products and services. For the flawless and trustworthy atmosphere, Amazon has taken some rigid steps that are painful and disturbing sometimes for the sellers. Actually, The strict policy turns out to be the reason for suspension. Amazon account specialist team help to reinstate your Amazon Business Account.

Why Amazon account gets suspended?

As we know Amazon is very strict about its rule and policy of Amazon. It does not compromise with sellers who don’t follow the rules and policies of Amazon. Violation in the rule and policy is against the amazon and amazon does not tolerate and that results in suspension.

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Poor performance

Amazon evaluates your selling performance by some metric rate. If Amazon feels your performance is taking a dive. Then your account may get suspended.

The performance is measured in 3 ways

A) Order defect rate (ODR):

Amazon order defect rate claims by the buyer when they face the issue with their order they claim for a chargeback. Amazon recommends that ODR should not be more than 1 % to avoid suspension.

B) Pre-fulfillment cancellation rate:

This means that the number of orders canceled by the total number of orders in a specific time period. Poor inventory management results in high pre fulfillment cancellation rate. Amazon recommends that the seller should maintain pre fulfillment cancellation rate than less than 2.5% to avoid suspension.

C) Late shipment rate:

When an ordered product does not reach on estimated time. Then it is considered as late shipment and the rate is calculated by the total number of late shipments by the total number of orders. You should maintain the late shipment rate. It should not be more than 4 %. If it exceeds the account will be suspended.

Violation of rules:

Amazon has some restricted rules for the seller. Amazon is known for its flawless services. It does not compromise at all. You need to read carefully the rule and guidelines of Amazon because your carelessness might result in seller account suspension. Read all the rules and policies of Amazon and move on to the line of Amazon.

Selling restricted item

Amazon has listed some items as restricted items, You can’t sell those items from the Amazon platform. If you are found selling items from restricted items your account may get suspended.

Being a seller you need to know these three terms

1- Suspension

If your account gets suspension then you have the chance to appeal but you need to work on the appeal letter.

2- Denied

Denied means when your appeal after the suspension is denied but still, you have a chance for reinstatement by writing appeal letter.


It is the worst scenario in all it means your appeal has failed for more than once this will completely ban your account. You will lose the chance of reinstatement and amazon will no longer read your mail.

Amazon account specialist

The Amazon specialist is the person who understands the Amazon working mechanism in a very proper way. Amazon specialist is the one who knows the tactics and strategy for the reinstatement of the account.

Why you need an Amazon Account Specialist?

If you are a Amazon seller, there are many moments when you face trouble. If your account gets suspended denied or if you have a lot of negative feedback then the Amazon specialist is the only person who looks your issue from his level and works on it to solve.

Amazon account specialist for Amazon reinstatement service:

As we know the Amazon account always remains at stake. Your one mistake can suspend your account. For reinstatement, You are required to write appeal letter. If you will try on your own there is more chance to ban your account. Further, you lose the opportunity to reinstate. So for reinstatement, Amazon specialist is the perfect one who can reinstate your account in a proper way.  Contact the Amazon specialist team at any time.

Our Amazon specialist has successfully appealed for the below issue:

  • Inauthentic claims
  • Counterfeit claims
  • Used sold as new
  • IP counterfeit infringement
  • Trademark infringement
  • Copyright infringement
  • Late shipment rate
  • Order defect rate
  • Linked accounts
  • Safety complaints
  • Forged and manipulated documents
  • Review manipulation


If you need our specialist then contact us our toll-free number. Our Amazon account specialist will assist you in a better way. You can talk any time in a day. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our expert has reinstated more than 5 accounts in last 7 days. We do our best. If we get unsuccessful (which will not happen) the reappeal is free of cost.

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