Amazon a to z guarantee, The time of delivery and condition of the product. Through the Amazon a to z guarantee claims, Amazon protects the values of customers. If a customer faces any issue related to the time of delivery and quality of the product, he may file for amazon a to z guarantee claims and chargebacks.

Amazon checks out the reality of the report claimed by the customer whether he is eligible for a refund or not? If Amazon found the report is genuine then the seller will have to refund to the customer.

Buyers file a to z guarantee claim and chargebacks when they face the following problems:

1- If buyers do not receive the order on time:

When the customer order any product on Amazon but he does not receive on time or delays for 3 days than the estimated date of delivery or 30 days past from the date of order. In this situation, buyers can file Amazon a to z guarantee claims and chargebacks.

2- If the Product is different as described:

Buyers can file Amazon a to z guarantee claims and chargebacks, If he found the product is damaged, defective, or false described or any part of the product is missing.

3- If the seller Charges extra than rate:

If the seller charges extra than the rate of the product then the buyers can file Amazon a to z guarantee claims. According to Amazon terms and conditions, sellers can not charge extra than rate.

 4- If the customer Do not get refund even after return product:

If the buyers don’t get a refund even after returning the product or if he doesn’t get the proper amount of Return Items then buyers could file Amazon a to z guarantee claim.

5- If Seller Refused returns:

When the buyer asked for a refund as per the policy of Amazon but the seller refuses to return or refund an improper amount. In this case, the buyer can file Amazon a to z guarantee claims.

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How Amazon A to Z guarantee claims are filed?

If the buyers have any claim with his Amazon purchase then the buyer’s contacts to the seller first. Amazon seller gets a chance of settlement with the buyer on their own. But if the seller doesn’t give any response within 3 to 5 days then buyers files and Amazon a to z guarantee claims and chargebacks.

When the buyer made a claim, Amazon sends emails regarding the claims to the seller and requests for immediate response. Amazon gives 3 more days from his side. If the seller doesn’t respond within the stipulated time then the seller will be considered as a fault, Amazon will favor the claim to buyers, the refunded amount will be debited from the seller account and the rating of seller account will be dropped.

Amazon A to z Guarantee claim

How sellers avoid A to Z guarantee claims?

It is better for the seller to receive the least number of a to z guarantee claims as possible because as more as you have a to z claim, there is a high risk of suspension of account or termination of the account. There are some ways by which the seller can avoid or minimize a to z guarantee claims and maintain a good reputation. These are the following:

1- Contact the buyers directly:

To avoid Amazon a to z guarantee claims and chargebacks. The seller should maintain a strong relationship with buyers. Request feedback within your package leaves thanks you notes. This will allow the customer to communicate with you easily. This is a simple way to communicate with buyers and persuade buyers.

2- Does not delay for refunds:

Seller is required to resolve the issue as soon as possible with prompt investigation. What it requires, the seller to do is resolve the claim immediately with investigations. If the seller’s mistakes are found, the seller should not delay for refund. Refund the exact money to a customer to avoid from a to z claim.

3- Quick response:

It is very beneficial for the seller if he responds very immediately to the seller. Because most of the buyers file Amazon a to z claims for late response by the seller. If it is communicated with the seller on time, the seller can tackle and handle the customer. So the seller should carefully respond to the buyers within 24 hours.

4- Optimize your shipping processes and product packaging:

Before shipping the product to the customer, Seller needs to check the product very carefully whether it has any defect or fault. It is better to purchase tracking for your shipment which is beneficial for the customer. Buyers can easily check the status and update of their shipment for tracking the product.

Buyers will not need contact with the seller if he gets tracking information itself. But if you don’t provide tracking this will impact on late shipment rate.

 5- Carefully check out the product:

Seller need to check few things before delivering product

  • Check out the product condition is good or not?
  • Check the product it should not be second hand.
  • Check the authenticity of the product.

6- Clear Product description:

The brand of product, color, size, product description, material or key feature should be checked very well. For improving the search result, pictures should be in high resolution which helps in ranking the product in search results. The picture with a white background with clear lighting makes the product effective and it attracts buyers. Focus on the benefits and uses of the product.


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